Comprehensive therapy that treats the whole you.

Holistic mental support for individuals and couples seeking balance and resilience. 

Whether you’re facing life’s challenges, seeking personal growth, or simply desire a supportive space, our therapy services are here to support your journey towards wholeness and wellness.

Learn to process trauma and feel whole again, with an approach that treats both the mind and body.

Trauma symptoms can manifest as depression, anxiety, or other barriers that make it difficult to cope with the demands of everyday life. Somatic therapy can help you understand the relationship between your brain and your body, so you can build powerful tools to better help you direct your behaviour. 

I know how important it is to find the therapy methods that best suits you, and offer a range of modalities including EMDR, CBT, and listening therapy SSP (Safe & Sound Protocol) which can provide healing through specially-filtered music.

Get therapy sessions that are tailored to your needs.

My approach emphasises:


Flexible treatment styles that suit your unique personality and needs.


Working with you as a whole person, not trying to isolate single issues.


Teaching tools that empower you to manage your self-care with independence.

Therapeutic approaches at Danka Fiedor Psychology.

My integrative and trauma-informed approach combines the modalities that prioritise the goals and needs of each individual client. I aim to be a supportive source of insight that helps people process their emotions and feel more whole as a person.

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) is one of a variety of evidence-based modalities that I use in my practice. EMDR can be a way to help traumatic memories be processed, which can help in dealing with distressing experiences.

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