How much is the Medicare Rebate?

Depending on the type and qualification of your psychologist depends on the amount of money you may be eligible for through the Medibank rebate. Danka Fiedor is a Registered Psychologist, and the current rebate is approximately $86.00, see table below for current rates and rebates. The way it works is the client pays the up … Read more

What is a Medicare rebate and how do I get one?

Through the Australian Government and its Medicare Rebate scheme, you may qualify to get a portion of your psychology session subsidized. Receiving a valid referral & current Mental Health Care Plan (see section on Mental Health Care Plan & GP referrals for more information) will allow you to qualify for a rebate.

How you can access MHTP

GP Referral & Mental Health Care Plan Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) & General Practitioner (GP) Referral – what is the difference? A GP referral is a letter from your General Practitioner issued through to your psychologist after the GP consultation as it explains to your psychologist why you are being referred and the type … Read more

What information do I need for a valid referral?

Initial Plan Your full name & date of birth Date of Initial Plan Your General Practitioners provider number, full name, signature, address & phone number Type of referral stated; Initial – 6 Review – 4 As part of the referral you will also need your GP to provide a Mental Health Care Plan, this will … Read more

What can I expect from my therapy session?

Danka Fiedor Psychology we are here to listen to you and understand your issues and encourage positive change in your life and help overcome life’s challenges. Every therapist has their own personality and unique style, Danka uses a strength-based approach to treatment in a non-judgemental and compassionate approach. During the first session for a new … Read more

Is any preparation required before my first session?

As we will be meeting online you will only need to log into the session a few minutes prior to the session starting. I recommend you find a quiet space to have the session so we are able to discuss all issues in a confidential environment. You should have received and filled out the required … Read more