Introducing EMDR Intensives:

Accelerated Therapy for individuals and couples

I am excited to offer EMDR Intensives, both in-person and online, for adults seeking brief, structured, and focused therapy. This approach is ideal for individuals who do not require ongoing therapy support or have already established a separate therapeutic relationship.

EMDR therapy has been successfully applied in sports, arts, and performance fields to overcome obstacles, public speaking phobias, and trauma related to injuries or setbacks. It enhances peak performances by identifying and resolving limiting beliefs, anxiety, and fears. By addressing past experiences that create mental blocks, EMDR opens up athletes, professionals, and individuals in creative fields and leadership roles to achieve optimal performance.

Through a comprehensive intake and evaluation process, including somatic-focused EMDR, we identify and address these blocks. Understanding interpersonal neurobiology fosters self-compassion and empowers healing. By recognizing the body’s response to traumatic events, we can support the nervous system and overcome limitations.

EMDR Intensives are perfect for those seeking to heal and grow from specific adult-onset traumas or challenges. However, individuals with substantial childhood trauma may require long-term therapy before engaging in this intensive approach.

As a highly qualified, accredited EMDR Practitioner and  Psychologist, Danka offers extended and intensives EMDR Therapy for an individuals and couples. 

EMDR is an evidence-based treatment for psychological and physical symptoms stemming from adverse life experiences, including trauma, depression, and more.

What is an EMDR Intensive?

An EMDR Intensive with me includes a minimum of four to six hours of one-on-one focused EMDR Therapy within one week. EMDR intensives are more time-efficient than standard therapy, allowing for deeper processing and faster progress.

Benefits of EMDR Intensives

  • Time-efficient
  • Structured and focused
  • Accelerated change and healing
  • Personal development and performance enhancement

We offer In-Person and Online Options

In-person EMDR Intensives are held in Bondi Junction, NSW while online EMDR Intensives are available Australia-wide from the comfort of your own space.

Requirements for Online EMDR Intensives:

  • Comfortable private space
  • Computer with camera, microphone, and full-sized screen
  • Headphones
  • Reliable internet connection and phone reception
  • Ability to set up a split-screen
  • Local emergency support person

Is an EMDR Intensive right for you? Consider the following:

  • Seeking deep, transformative work
  • Addressing traumatic memories and experiences
  • Experiencing a busy schedule with limited time for therapy
  • Feeling stuck in traditional therapy
  • Limited access to care in your area
  • Significant life changes or upcoming events requiring support
  • Demands of travel make regular appointments challenging
  • Struggling with performance slumps or anxiety after an injury or setback
Our screening process ensures an EMDR intensive is the best fit for each client. While it’s not suitable for crisis work or all treatment needs, it offers remarkable results for most individuals.

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