How you can access MHTP

GP Referral & Mental Health Care Plan

Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) & General Practitioner (GP) Referral – what is the difference?

A GP referral is a letter from your General Practitioner issued through to your psychologist after the GP consultation as it explains to your psychologist why you are being referred and the type of plan you are being referred on, including the number of sessions you are eligible for with your psychologist. The plan & number of sessions can vary, typically 4, 6, or 10 sessions. The type of plan can also vary, common plans can be Initial Plan, Review or Better Access Pandemic plans.

A MHCP includes your relevant medical history and is a more detailed & structured document completed by your GP with specific sections they must complete explaining your circumstances, it should also be dated and signed by your GP to be valid. The MHCP also needs to include a specific Medicare Item Number as this will stipulate what plan you will be on.

Your MHCP also requires a referral for it to be valid and must include your GP’s details, including their provider and signature.