What can I expect from my therapy session?

Danka Fiedor Psychology we are here to listen to you and understand your issues and encourage positive change in your life and help overcome life’s challenges. Every therapist has their own personality and unique style, Danka uses a strength-based approach to treatment in a non-judgemental and compassionate approach.

During the first session for a new client, we will spend time getting to know each other and work together to further understand what it is that you would like to work through and concentrate on. Following this we will formulate a plan to begin to unpack the layers to get a deeper understanding and develop strategies for you to be able to make positive change in your life to cope and grow and face your challenges with confidence.

Over the initial first or second session we will formulate a plan as this will be a journey and investment in your growth. Typically, this journey requires 10-20 sessions, depending on the challenges. Once we identify and make progress on coping with the issues the sessions can be paired back to occasional ‘check-in’ sessions to make sure you are still on the correct pathway on your journey and make adjustments as required.