How much is the Medicare Rebate?

Depending on the type and qualification of your psychologist depends on the amount of money you may be eligible for through the Medibank rebate.

Danka Fiedor is a Registered Psychologist, and the current rebate is approximately $86.00, see table below for current rates and rebates. The way it works is the client pays the up front fee to Danka Fiedor Psychology and then directly through Medicare you claim the rebate following your appointment.

Type of Session Type of Psychologist Up front fees Medicare Rebate Gap Fee
Individual Registered Psychologist $220.00 $93.35* $126.65
Couple Registered Psychologist $270.00
*Approximate, subject to change, confirm with Medicare.

Click here if you would like to read more about the Medicare rebate.

How do I claim a Medicare rebate?

Once you have paid for your session up front and completed your session you will receive an invoice from Danka Fiedor Psychology which will have all the required information for you to make a claim. With this claim you should contact Medicare, either in person or online via the Express Plus Medicare App available through the App Store.

You will receive the Medicare rebate payment directly into your nominated bank account that is linked to your MyGov account, typically the rebate should appear in your account on average between 24 – 48 hrs, however Medicare do say allow up to 7 days for this to occur.

Maximum sessions you can claim on Medicare

The Australian Government made a recent decision to increase the amount of eligible claims up to 20 sessions with your psychologist per calendar year – January to December of the same calendar year.

As noted in section Mental Health Care Plan & GP referrals, you will need both of these from your GP which will qualify you for the 6 Initial sessions, following this you will need to go back to your GP for a Review. Following this review with your GP you will be eligible for another 4 Review sessions with your psychologist.